File a Claim

How do I file a claim? You can file a claim 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just call the claims line for the company that represents you.vertical-500-short

800-332-3226   Safeco
800-243-5860   Hartford Insurance Company
800-503-3724   Mercury Insurance
800-782-1020   Infinity Insurance
800-325-1088   National General Insurance
800-274-7865   Bristol West Insurance Group
866-747-6931    Access General Insurance
866-601-4726   Sun Coast General
800-274-4499   Progressive Insurance
800-926-3168   Victoria
800-758-3311     Western General
800-422-0793   Mendota
800-299-5709   Multistate
800-303-5000   Pacific Specialty
925-463-0398   Scj
800-733-1980   Century National
714-738-1383     RMIS
800-280-1466   Permanent General

Our Mission: to provide the best possible coverage for the most reasonable price.

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